Monday, 8 November 2010

The Bag Lady

So i met this very chic bag on Saturday.

She looks nicer in real life trust me...very reminscent of Mulberry's offerings.

 Ran to the shop to get it for yours truly's birthday and it was OUT OF STOCK. I hate that! Checked Zara's website and it was out of stock on there as well. As with all things you cant have i started to obsess over it. I emailed customer service and its out of stock forever....why so mean? :(

I'm now trying to make up my mind between these 3:

Love them all....cant decide....perhaps.....No....or can i?

They are all available online here

From top to bottom: Two Tone Shopper : £49.99, Bowling with Single Handle £49.99, Zipped Bowling Bag £69.99 all from Zara


Monday, 25 October 2010

Love The Skin You're In

If When i get my Blackberry Torch i shall clothe it in beautiful arraignment just like this:

Or this:

My iPhone will not get a chance to feel left out as i have this planned for it:

Find these and more goodness at Gelaskins. They all seem to retail at $14.95 too. Which isnt bad until you consider shipping :(

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

You Muppet You!

Ladies and [Gentlemen]...3 words i hate more than anything...Out Of Stock. Sadly my ASOS Africa shopper bag is sold out before i had a chance to buy! This is a sad day for shoppers all over the world :(

I have sought solace in the unlikeliest of places....Amazon. Its wide variety of goods but overly broad categories make this site a gift and a curse. Today however it is a gift:

This beauty could be yours for £11.99! Delivery is free in the UK too. Bargain! Buy here

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

If I Had £10 i would Buy...

This Super cool looking Tote from Asos. Its on sale from £28 now its £9!

Buy it here